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Je m'inscris aux cours de français

Registration procedures – IESIG FLE



To follow a course with the purposes that suit yours learning needs, you will, beforehand, take a skill test in French.

This about 30 minutes writing and verbal test, will take place with the educational coordinator of the school.

Of course,

  • To get into the A1, no test is required
  • If you already took a TCF or DELF exam, IESIG-FLE takes into account the level established by your results and you will not have to take the test.

According to your level group, you have the choice between different timetables. You are free to choose the class for which the timetable is the most practical for you. However, you must remain in the class chosen so you benefit the best from the educational progression assured by your teacher.

So you can get an idea of your class, IESIG-FLE offer to you the possibility to assist to one lesson for free.

If the during the semester, you wish to change your group, because you think it does not match your level, , you can do so but you have to, beforehand, ask to the educational coordinator.




1. Look for the information about our courses and the prices on our website, or, get information at the reception, contacting us by phone or email.

To know our prices and our timetable, ici

The prices are explained here

Our school is situated in 22 Rue du Tage 75013 Paris.

Subway : 7 : Maison Blanche

Tel: 01 84 23 45 68



2. Prepare the necessary documents

Bring your passport, your residence permit if you have one and a photo ID.



3. Pay

You can pay by cash, by credit card ou by cheque, and you will receive a payment receipt, immediatly.



4. If you ask for a registration certificate or other official certificates, you will have to wait for 3 working days.



IESIG-FLE team wish you a good success in your studies !